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Event Photography
Capturing Your Extraordinary Moments

Real-time sharing, real-time stories

Welcome to East 27 Creative, your premier choice for event photography. Whether you are seeking a professional photographer or aiming to enhance your communication strategy, our services and expertise are tailored to meet your needs.


We pride ourselves on our visionary, journalistic-based photography that captures the moments and encapsulates your brand's essence. By seamlessly blending compelling storytelling visuals with cutting-edge technology, we deliver an unparalleled experience. Our innovative approach lets us provide every attendee with a personal, private, and custom-branded gallery in real-time.


Elevate your event's brand awareness by leveraging the benefits of both a roving photographer and a photo booth in one. With East 27 Creative, your attendees can instantly share their branded event photos across their social media channels, amplifying your event's reach and engagement.


Ready to make your event the most shared of 2023?


Contact us today at 631-604-8423 or email to secure your spot, reserve your date, and ensure a memorable event that will leave a lasting impression.

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